Courts of the Shadow Fey

Session 1: A Knife in the Dark
A Chill in the Air Part 1 - Attempted Assassination


“Huge moons there wax and wane-
Again- again- again-
Every moment of the night-
Forever changing places-
And they put out the star-light
With the breath from their pale faces.”

-Edgar Allen Poe, from “Fairyand”

The party travelled to Zobeck at the behest of the Mayor, who had sent a furtive request for assistance. They asked traders going to and from Zobeck about what had transipred, and learned some rumors of the shadow fey. Once they entered, after having just started to see more of the bustling city, an acolyte in the temple of Khors, Mishra, begged their aid. The priest Oleg was under attack by the shadow fey. Determining the truth of his plea, they hastened to provide aid.

Shadow fey cutthroats threatened the priest Oleg as the group rushed into the temple. Only Shrakk noticed the injunction against worship affixed to the door, signed by Ambassaddor Thelamandrine. The priest stood his ground. The fey struck Oleg, with a few attacking the incoming party, and even brought him down, almost killing him. Nissa restored him to health. They came at the party and the priest again, Nissa again revived Oleg. Shrakk moved among them, ushering Oleg to safety. The others moved to engage with the shadow fey scoundrels. Nissa created a wall of blades, while Blast forced their foes into it again and again, with only a little damage taken by the party from the poisoned daggers. Ranrauku cursed foes, adding more and more curses as his opponents fell. All at once, Shrakk rearranged the group via teleportation. Commanded to leave by Blast, Mishra started for the door, but Oleg stood firm. With Mishra torn by indecision, one of the fey cut him down, and Nissa restored him back to health. In a flurry of activity, Blast pushed back all the Shadow Fey Rakes and Cutthroats, forcing them into every space of the wall of blades.

Bloodied, they began to fall. Blast just offered a menacing smile, and the rest tried to run. Some fell where they stood, cut down by the whirling blades, another died from his wounds while attempting to escape. Only one fey made it out alive.

The party finished healing Mishra and Oleg, asking questions about the fey, and their interactions with the city. They began reconsecrating the temple and statue to Khors, a process that will take quite some time. After successfully initiating the process, they ventured back out into the city to find out more about the shadow fey.


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