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Courts of the Shadow Fey

The Free City of Zobeck thrived for 80 years as a hub of trade, known for its merchants and arcanists. Its citizens recognized no fealty to any feudal ruler after the overthrow of its king, Abderus, Mage-Lord of House Stross. Governed by the Lord Mayor, and the Council, the city prospered.

The Shadow Fey now lay to claim the city under an edict from the Moonlit King. At the behest of Mayor Killian Gluck, a band of adventurers come to venture into the heart of the shadow fey realm. They must navigate the webs of treachery and deceit in the Court to obtain freedom for Zobeck from the King and Queen of the Shadow Fey.

Heroes of renown, leaving lands where they made names for themselves, a group sets out. Blast, an eladrin wizard with an penchant for manipulating his foes on the battlefield, Nissa, an elven cleric of Corellon who safeguards life and harbors loathing for the undead, Ranrauku, a tiefling warlock who bargained for power, but at a cost he does not yet fully know, and Shrakk, a githzeri monk raised in a monastery and distrustful of authority, adept at combat with multiple foes, all head to the aid of Zobeck.

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